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Join us in this unprecedented behind-the-badge episode as we focus on the heartbreak of infidelity with law enforcement veteran, author, and coach John Kelly. We investigate betrayal, affairs and rebuilding shattered trust in first responder marriages. John brings a wealth of knowledge on smashing the cycle of self-destruction and maintaining healthy relationships in high-stress first responder professions.

In this candid conversation, we explore early signs of trouble in marriages, and the addiction to adrenaline-inducing behaviors like infidelity. Discover practical steps to enhance communication with loved ones, the importance of a support network of friends and colleagues during tough times, and the essential steps of making amends, seeking forgiveness, and rebuilding trust post-betrayal.

Don't miss this enlightening episode with John Kelly, a beacon of wisdom and hope for those seeking redemption and renewal in the face of broken relationships.

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👁️‍🗨️ Premieres Weds. March 27 at 7pm ET— ⫸ Watch replays anytime thereafter
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