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⚜️Title: The Return of Woman's Ancient Cycle According Life:


The return of the ancient cycle of the woman according life, every 4 years, pain free, body stays clean & menaupose free.

This rare cycle reality will become our norm during the new earth renaissance. Being one of the actual womans cycled every 4 years, imbodying the change leads me to show the way to other womans as monthly cycle stands for high metabolic rate, rapid ageing, diseased body and unbalanced God-mechanic.

We are meant to live on earth multiple thousands of years, this reality will become the norm.

Rediscover tge Return of Ancient Nutrition According Life for New Earth Renaissance:


We inform you that Ameerah's website will be released around 25th of April 2023 so you can discover Volts of Recordings to Self Empower You back to who you truly are & to who you once were. You are in your Light-being Renaissance of Self.

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