Vincent Sandee

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Vincent Sandee
Vincent Sandee
Radio Talk Show Host, Ordained Swami and Professional Life Coach, Author, Speaker, Mentor of Transformation

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Swami and Professional Certified Coach, Vincent uses the mystical tradition of Yoga and unites it with cutting edge modern mental-meditation techniques.

Composer, writer, acting teacher, yoga, meditation teacher and transformational spiritual activist. Vincent has been practicing meditation for over 14 years. He trained in London, Italy and India where he lived for 1 year as a monk in the tradition of Kriya Yoga.

His vision is one of uniting perceptions with the overall pervading Awareness, which is the non-dual union of all that is. When this union is experienced, one gains full power over one's life.

He continues to travel intensively, enriching his direct experience of the Spirit and expanding his insights and understanding.

He developed new methods of mentoring and transformation that apply to anyone, no matter what spiritual background, based on the sacred teachings of Kriya Yoga, Metaphysical knowledge and his direct experience. The experience of divine Joy and Mastery over one's life is the aim of all his activities.