Venus Andrecht

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Venus Andrecht
Venus Andrecht
Radio Talk Show Host, Blogger, "Clear Seeing", Telepath, Empath, Medium

Venus Andrecht is funny, fun, and talented. For 35 years, she has been working with people as a telepath, empath, and medium.

Have you ever wondered things like what a certain man is thinking about you, or why the lady you work with is so mean to you? Venus will give you the answers to those and any other issues you may have. Venus has a clear-seeing talent and she is honest and forthright in what she sees when you ask her your questions.

She can look into you and empathically see and speak to the people in your life, dead or alive. And she can look into your problems and situations and help explain and often change them. Venus also has an uncanny ability to toss huge amounts of good energy to people that she calls “My Mother's Mojos.” These help bring good things into people’s lives.

Venus has hosted the online radio show, The Dear Venus Show, since 2006, during which she talks about various funny subjects and gives on air readings. She’s also a painter and incorporates Good Mojos personally for you into her artwork. As she says, “It's a way to have Good Energy working for you in your home or office all the time.”

For MP3s of various MOJOS, including her “Mother's Love Mojo,” “Big Money Mojo,” “The Lucky, Lucky You Mojo,” and many others, please see her Website:

For Venus's rates for private phone readings, please see her site with lots of testimonials