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Tom Kappenman
Thomas J. Kappenman
Talk Show Host, Emergency Responder, Carpenter, Mystic

Blue Collar Mystic?? Born on All Souls Day in 1961 at 10:40 and 10:45 PM in King County Washington. I have had a very interesting experience. I Know for myself that we all come into this experience with a loosely preset plan or, Destiny if you will, that will play out no matter what we think or say about it. I have become aware of the pattern and guidance in my life and have turned toward my "Destiny" or Life plan with an open mind and warm heart and have found that my joy and happiness since consciously seeking the truth of this experience has grown exponentially.

I am currently still what is called a Blue Collar Worker by society. I work as a supervisor for an Ambulance manufacturer in Washington state after spending about 20 years as a Carpenter building custom homes. My change from Carpentry to Ambulance builder came due to a back injury I experienced in 1996 trying to make a lot of money fast doing the "Deadliest Catch" thing in Alaska one season.

My path of awakening consciously began after being taken to the bottom in life in 1987. Strange and "superNATURAL" events began slapping me in the head to wake me up and start asking the right questions. From shadows out of the corner of my eye, disembodied voices, synchronicity, divorce, meetings with divine messengers and my house burning to the ground, I began to ask What is really going on? Who am I? What is God? And many other questions.

I began reading Tarot through events that can only be described as miraculous, and realized that there WAS something going on beyond what my physical senses detected.

My Life was put on a path that's natural evolution seems to be Right here, Right now, Creating this show and allowing me to learn and share what I have learned with the world.

I have been working on a book that tells my story and shares what I have gleaned in this life experience in hopes that it will help at least one other soul answer questions they have and/or let them know they are not alone in this thing we call life.

I do not want others to believe what I say, I want to inspire them to find the answers themselves...