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Corporal Tim Thornton
Corporal Timothy Thornton
Owner - The Military Exchange, Host of The Military Exchange Talk Show
Corporal Tim Thornton
  • 11 yrs in the Military
  • US Army - Military Police
  • US Army Reserves - Cook
  • US Air National Guard - Security Police.
  • US Marine Corp - Infantry.
  • Veteran of Cold War,The Persian Gulf War & Somalia
  • Owner of The Military Exchange  - Iron Mikes 21 yrs.
  • Survivalist.
Favorite Sports : Shooting, Hiking, Camping, Picking, Hunting, Golf.

Collector of all things military.

The Military Exchange Talk Show

The Military Exchange Talk Show with Corporal Timothy Thornton
Show Host: 
Corporal Timothy Thornton

The Military Exchange Talk Show is a work of Love for the military men and women who have served and are serving our country. It is an important place for the Exchange of Ideas and Views based on everything Military.

Our Mission statement is to Present Veterans both Active Duty, Reserve and Prior Service, as Productive Members of their Local Community. An Example to their Civilian counterparts.

The Military Exchange Talk Show informs through News on Current Events, War stories, Past and Present, Cigars and Fine Living, Round Table settings where we discuss Current Events, Comedy Skits, and importantly, Honoring our Military for their Accomplishments, and Heroism.

Military talk is what we do, bringing you News, Veteran Information, Stories of Heroism, comradery, and selfless action by our Heros in today's Armed forces.