Terania Turi

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Terania Turi, Talk Show Host, Promotional Director
Terania Turi
Talk Show Host, Promotional Director

A fascinating piece of the whole puzzle is that my name Terania, which my mom made up...Is the Terania Creek Australian Rain forest and she was unaware of this as well as that there is a Terania St in New South Wales, AU... Which is actually not far from the exotic island in New Caledonia (Noumea), where my husband's sister lives. 

Well, I happen to come about 1 year after the strive for its freedom was occurring.

Not only is that quite something but my middle name” Loray,” (Clocher del Loray - Doubs also in France ) happens to be the ancient African tribal group of the forest named “Mystical Thunder of the Gods” Voodoo; that played out on the drums, all the sounds which was reflecting the cry of the people who were striving for liberty during those very tragic times.

I am Terania Loray Turi and I can surely say that my inner “Tierra Nueva” has met with my water bearer for the elixir of life and together we give off original rays of all unique, rising suns as well as all worldly creatures a chance.