Tara Ventura

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Tara Ventura
Tara Ventura
Numerologist, Empath and Matrix Energetics practitioner, Elder Care Volunteer, Writer, Columnists, Talk Show Host

As a Numerologist, Empath and Matrix Energetics practitioner, Tara combines the modalities for sessions that are energetically enlivening for people as well as their loved ones and pets. She volunteers her services for the Central Texas Cancer Support and the Aged of Central Austin. Tara does podcasts and writes Numerology posts for Jennings Wire an online magazine. She has been interviewed by BBS Spirit Network Radio, ET Contact with Maarten Horst, PetTalk Radio and The Austin Alchemist. Tara enjoys using her skills at private sessions, corporate parties and events, birthdays and anniversaries.

Tara’s life consists of interesting twists, turns and major life changing events that continually change. Through intense inner growth, and applying unique tools such as studying with Matrix Energetics founder, Richard Bartlett, Tara realized that her true interests lie in the opportunity to empower people to live creative and joyful lives. Clients have said Tara’s way of teaching and healing is compassionate and angelic.

The Magical Matrix is a company whose vision is “to help humankind overcome the feeling of limited existence, and to a create a life full of health, joy and unimagined possibilities”.