Steve Barish

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Stephen A Barish, aka Steve Barish
Steve Barish
Healer, Registered Massage Therapist, Energy Practitioner, Intuitive, Counseller, Talk Show Host

STEVE BARISH is a skillful yet humble facilitator who has assisted many in profound healing experiences. Steve takes his students beyond spirituality and into mastery. He is also a registered massage therapist with over 20 years’ experience and highly regarded energy practitioner. Steve carries sacred energies and higher knowledge that allow his radio listeners, students and clients to awaken the master within and integrate the greatness of self-mastery into their daily lives, yet he points everyone back to their inner heart of God.

Many know Steve as the handpicked intuitive who personally assisted the late Dr. Fred Bell test, run, align and provide mutli-dimensional feedback on Dr. Bell’s technology that utilizes Andromedan, Pleiadian and higher information. Steve clients have experienced what they have referred to as “Miracles” even some have said to have experienced levitation during Steve and Dr. Bell workshop in California. Steve uniquely utilizes his knowledge, training and God-given gifts to assist clients balance and help return to health some even from terminal disease. Energetic sessions can be facilitated remotely or in Steve’s clinic (located in Rochester, NY). Steve travels the world at client requests, and works with some very high profile people in business and entertainment who personally request Steve’s services of energy, counsel, intuitive knowledge and divine massage modalities.