Recia Young

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Recia Young
Recia Young
Radio Talk Show Host, Veteran of the U.S. Army, Telecommunication, Media

The unconventional is nothing new for Recia Ann Young, host and moderator for CI: Confronting the Issues. Ordained through an independent, evangelical tradition, Rev. Young hardly matches the typical political and social views of that tradition. She would describe herself as a believer in the value and worth of all people, and that Christ was the epitome of demonstrating the unconditional love and acceptance of the divine. She would say, she is striving to follow Jesus’ model.

A veteran of the U.S. Army, Rev. Young served both in uniform and in civilian capacities. Her duties ranged from analysis of intercepted communications to coordinating military support for disaster response and recovery. Her experience gives her a unique perspective on the intersection of faith and everyday living. She believes in a living faith that can profoundly change lives.

Having obtained a Paralegal Certificate from U.C. Berkeley Rev. Young seeks justice as a volunteer judge/arbiter in a community court and in her duties as a transgender educator for the Human rights Campaign Religion and Faith Program and their Gender Identity and Our Faith Communities seminars.

Presently serving her home church (First Congregational Church of San Francisco) in a lay capacity, Ms Young is seeking ordination in the United Church of Christ, the denomination of her home congregation. Known for their progressive values, the UCC seems an ideal home for Rev. Young as she seeks to minister in a 21st Century world.

After leaving government service, Rev. Young worked in telecommunications, contract security, the hospitality industry, and media. Disabled by a stroke, she now fills her time with her volunteer efforts at the local and national levels. She sits on the board of the Community Housing Partnership, chairs a committee for Lower Polk Neighbors Association, and is an active member of the Alexander Hamilton Post of the American Legion.

Now she can add Talk Show Host to her list of accomplishments as she launches CI: Confronting the Issues; a bi-weekly internet radio program.

Relating faith to the issues of today!