Ramon Almonte

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Ramon Almonte
Ramon Almonte-Kagata
Talk Show Host, Kunlun Practitioner, Producer, Broadcaster

Born and raise in NYC now living in Japan. My earliest memory when I was around 2 to 3yrs old I had a out of body experiences. Where I saw my body and was try to get my baby bottle and my hand kept going threw the bottle. Around the age of 11 I had a teacher Miss Mints that taught us meditation.At the age 16 life gave me knee to the jaw. Getting myself in trouble with the LAW. I saw 2 paths one was dark and the other one was uplifting. Luckily I was smart enough to make the right choice. I began reading and meditating . I was always interested in extraterrestrial news. Big influence for that was my Dad and strange universe tv show.

At the age of 19 I began to Co-host a collage radio show with T.o sweet called The Candy store. T.O. Sweet mentor me for many years and taught me how to look at the glass half full and how my thoughts affect my reality.

In 1999 I started a Public Access Tv-Show Called Sugar High with my best friend Alex.

One day my co-worker showed me a you tube video of a ufo over Haiti even thou this video is fake it open me up to looking for more futige where I discover radio shows like Coast to Coast, As you wish, X-squarer radio just to name a few. In 2009 I went to James Gilliland Eceti Ranch where I saw my 1st UFO and learned Kunlun. In the summer 2010 I went again and met Tom. Around Oct I was I ask Tom how to do a internet Radio show and he said he wanted to one as well and The Hundredth Monkey Radio was born with the help of DR. Agnews we landed on BBS Radio.

Ramon Almonte