Raj Nathoo

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Raj Nathoo
Raj Nathoo
Stanhope Gardens
CFO of Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory, Business Exit Strategist

Raj Nathoo is the Chief Financial Officer for Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory

Raj is a Business Growth Facilitator & Coach at Keystone Focalpoint Coaching & Advisory.  He is driven by wanting to make a positive difference by working with individuals and organizations in their endeavor to succeed and grow. Raj has a multitude of skills and experiences as an entrepreneur, and understands the stresses and indecision faced when trying to grow a business. As a learning and development consultant, he has worked with managers and staff in identifying needs and how they can be incorporated into a strategic learning plan to help grow an organization. Raj has a passion for working with SME’s that are keen to grow and implement new world thinking and concepts.