Oxana Johnson

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Oxana Johnson
Oxana Johnson
New South Wales
NLP Coach and Psychotherapist; Negative Self-talk Eraser, Mindset Transformation Coach, Self-Discovery Catalyst, Consciousness Shift Mentor

Once upon a time...

​My self-discovery process had been triggered (now I understand) by moving to Sydney from Vladivostok, Russia for uni back in 2008. Immersing oneself in totally different culture and life style will do that to you lol.  The next ten years will be spent in questioning, digging, realizing and questioning again… lots of reading, meditation, conversations and silence; self-analysis, self-doubt and self-realization simultaneously…. 

...but the life moved on – as it does – so everyday rituals were followed: graduate... get a job.., change a job... etc ...   remember to breathe in and out … sometimes the latter came along with some extra help….  filled with high UPs , but even lower DOWNs...

The realization that I was not happy most of the time came along when I caught myself chasing happiness daily – and it was never good enough…  Working jobs I did great in, but without feeling fulfilled… very soon it came down to a big philosophical question that was drowning me – Why are we even here? – What is the purpose of all of this?…

​I was in therapy for 10 years …. Following CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy)… making enough progress to keep me ‘functional’… but I understand now that it could not be sustainable due to the fact that the solutions were not coming from me personally – they were ‘band aids’ aka professional advice from someone else based on their experiences… and their model of the world...

​Life as I knew it  changed forever after NLP Practitioner certification – it was freedom from the prison of my own head. Master Prac followed and I had never felt so "clean" in my life ever before...

Being able to productively manage my own headspace resulted eventually in helping others. I am determined to continue helping human beings changing their lives to create the best versions of themselves one day at a time.