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Mervo Scoble
Mervo Scoble
Radio Talk Show Host, Psychic Debunker, Artist

Join me mervo for a spoon-bending psychic debunking, Akashic Record journey, crystal energy brain stimulation tips and the serialised radio play The Story which compares and contrasts two families separated by the illusion of a chasm of time.

Learn how to amaze your friends and bend a spoon or, better still, learn how it works and the staggering physics this so-called phenomenon reveals.

Learn why TV spoon benders are part of a massive coverup of the truth. They are no more psychic than you or me. They understand a brand of physics you were never taught in school. You will understand this "new" physics and discover that much of what you have been taught in school, truly is rubbish. I know, I used to teach rubbish in a government mind control babysitting center for adolescents.

Learn how societal control methods have hidden the truth for over 1500 years. Learn how you have been tricked into paying outrageous prices for energy and what you can do to stick your finger at the energy barons.

Call me and tell me I'm full of crap! - mervo art
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