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Maurice Way-I ammmmmmm Reesey aka Reese aka Maurice aka the dragon rider and bacon eater (pork pleaseeeeeee).

Only I can touch the untouchable, break the unbreakable, shake the unshakable. Only I can reach the unreachable, teach the untreachable, do the impossible. Reesey baby. I rep philly like I bore it. Love my city.

I'm here to talk my shit. Laugh uncontrollably. And just have a great time. I'll be the radio revolutionary the renaissance man of radio the link between what's happening and who's it happening it.

I'll be great, no I am great. I'll make you great. As pallets of greatness fall from my essence ...well ok idk about that. May have goin overboard.

W/e I'm Reese this is word of Mouth.