Martin Richling

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Martin Richling
Pastor Martin Richling
Radio Talk Show Host, Pastor, Bible Teacher

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Martin Richling is a son of God and a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Fully persuaded as Abraham was when he believed in THE LORD, Martin Richling BELIEVES IN JESUS and has FAITH IN HIS BLOOD as the total payment for his lifetime of sins. Being justified freely by the grace of God and through the redemption that is in the Christ Jesus, Martin Richling has been given the righteousness of God because of his FAITH IN JESUS ALONE. Romans 3:21-28, 4:21-25.

And as our Pastor and Bible Teacher, Martin Richling understands completely, that without the LORD JESUS CHRIST, he can do nothing. John 15:5, Galatians 2:20.

Being constrained by THE LOVE OF CHRIST AT CALVARY, he has read through the entire King James Bible almost three hundred times so far, according to the establishment commandment set forth by God in Romans 16:25-26. To this day, he still reads his Bible eight hours a day obeying God's Establishment Commandment. READ Philippians 4:13

And he fervently reads so much, because within the beautiful pages of the holy scriptures alone, he finds his BELOVED AND FAITHFUL SAVIOUR AND KING: THE LORD JESUS CHRIST !