Mark Ameru Pinkham

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Mark Amaru Pinkham
Mark Amaru Pinkham
Talk Show Host, Author, Esoteric Mystery Authority, Knight Templar, North American Grand Prior of the International Order of Gnostic Templars, Historian, Scholar, Researcher, Grand Preceptor, Ceremonial Master, Director

Full Bio:

Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham is a modern day Knights Templar who has dedicated his life to spirituality, Gnosis and uniting the brotherhood through the various secret societies under one united front.

Life Experience

Mark has been gathering the wisdom contained within his books since 1976 when, at 21,he traveled across Europe and Asia to India.He resided for seven years within the ashrams of the yoga and meditation master Swami Muktananda. During that time Mark intensively studied the Hindu scriptures, as well as the wisdom compiled by the Theosophists of India regarding the secret history of Earth. Since 1996, Mark has been a devotee of the famous Indian saint Mata Amritanandamayi and has resided in her ashram in south India on numerous occasions.

Since 1990 Mark has been involved in intensive research regarding the secret mysteries of the Earth’s history. During this time Mark has been initiated into two Andean esoteric societies, apprenticed to a master shaman in Peru, and helped lead an expedition in search of a secret monastery in the Andes. While leading tours in Peru, Egypt, England, Tibet/Nepal, India & Sedona and the Southwest,Mark is continuously gathering new information about the esoteric origins and the lineages of spiritual teachers that have guided humanity’s spiritual destiny.

Sir Mark Amaru’s Memberships, Affiliations & Service to the Brotherhood:

International Gnostic Templars

Grand Prior Sir Mark Amaru Pinkham received the highest accolade of Knight Templar Grand Prior of the IOGT from Sir Ian Sinclair, Grand Prior of the Scottish Knight Templars, at the Prince Henry St. Clair Preceptory at Noss Head, Scotland in July 2005.

The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court & Order

Grand Prior Sir Mark is the Grand Preceptor of The Imperial and Royal Dragon Court and Order. The modern IRDC, which is headquartered in Wales, is headed by HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere and descended from the earliest Dragon Courts of the Far East and Egypt. It contains both the records and teachings of the world’s most ancient Dragon and Holy Grail Mysteries.

The Knights Templar of Solomon Ha-Melech

Mark Is also the Ceremonial Master of the The Knights Templar of Solomon Ha-Melech,which is the knighted arm of the Dragon Court.

The World Alliance for Planetary Enlightment

Sir Mark is the Co-Director of  The World Alliance for Planetary Enlightenment The World Alliance for Planetary Enlightenment an affiliation of people and organizations who are dedicated to the creation of a new society and spirituality throughout the Earth. We are composed of Initiatic Societies, Religious Sects, Mystical Orders, Indigenous Cultures and many individuals who are currently answering the call to evolve humanity and unite all the divergent sects and nations into a one-world family.

Guardians of the Holy Grail Radio Program

Internet Radio Show on - Thursdays at Noon Pacific Time – Show Link:

Mark Amaru Pinkham