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Mariette Pickett
Marietta Pickett
Talk Show Host, Music Teacher, Counsellor, Consultant, Spiritual Channel, Organic Farmer, Bio-Energetic Harmonizer, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, New Age Technician, National Speaker, Board Member of Various Organizations

    Marietta taught music at Ball State and Anderson University and was on sabbatical to finish her doctorate at Arizona State in 1975-76 where she and her husband, Robert, met many people in the emerging field of meta-physical awareness.

    She was invited to become a charter founding member of the American Holistic Medical Assn. and served on the board there for 12 years and as the President of the Foundation.

    New Age Technics was established in 1978 with the mission statement "Helping People Take Back Responsibility for Their Lives and Health". Through the years, they taught and hosted many seminars and workshops, offered Music Therapy and many other counseling and consulting services. They hosted weekly gatherings/development classes which included Visualizations, Meditations and Channeling from the Masters through Marietta.

    As a professional member of the National Speakers Association for nearly 30 years, she helped to found the "Health and Wellness Division" as a way to teach the teachers and train the trainers of Corporate America.

    Marietta had her second near death experience when her daughter was born and has seen ships for many years. In the early 90's Robert discovered a very powerful vortex in their woods which the Masters told us is an inner-dimensional doorway. After her husband Robert made his transition in 2007, he has merged his energies with hers. This is why you may hear our listeners refer to her as MariettaRobert.

    We were challenged to host a Stargate Conclave in '93 to provide opportunities for (1) Experiencing and Aligning the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual ...that you may enjoy a more balanced way of living on this planet and (2) Realize a more harmonious way of interacting with your families, jobs, relationships, etc., that you may continue the "energetic shifting" that leads to your "Ascension".

    Marietta PickettMarietta was "gifted" with a process called "Transformational Clearing" that helps clients get out of their "stuckedness" and connect with their other Dimensional Selves. She currently serves clients all over the world by phone with this one-on-one process .

    It seems that Marietta and Robert have always been given "assignments" that are like being the "Advance Team". We are now managing our Certified Organic farm, Bio-Energetic Harmonics, and are serving as a mentor to other farmers here in Indiana who are choosing to learn how to shift from conventional methods to sustainability.

    We invite your comments and suggestions to make our Stargate Round Table an even greater gathering place and resource.

Law of One

We are all one,
When one is harmed, all are harmed.
When one is helped, all are helped.
Therefore, in the name of who I AM,
And I am one with all there is,
I ask that only that which is for the
highest good of all concerned happen.
I give thanks that this is done.
So be it!

Mariette Pickett

Stargate Round Table

Stargate Round Table with Marietta Pickett
Show Host: 
Marietta Pickett

Tune in now to this fabulous program, a program with your host Marietta Pickett. Explore the truth with an open mind, and be more than you are for having one and giving many! Join Us!

Stargate Round Table was established 12 years ago as a place "to discover a way of governing ourselves using the "Round Table" format, to begin practicing how we may be governing ourselves in the future, to discover how we may best manifest the "Law Of One" in our daily lives and our conference calls, to allow those that feel called to serve an opportunity to offer their talents, and to create an open forum for creative ideas.

Stargate Round Table hosts speakers who contribute many different thoughts, ideas, and modalities of how we can better take back responsibility for our lives, health and spirituality. After an opening meditation, we begin with a brief overview of "Breaking News" and also offer a segment for you to get your questions answered.