Linda Laskowski

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Linda Laskowski
Linda Laskowski
Kansas City
Herbologist, Healer, Massage Specialist, Iridologist, Certified Colon Therapist, Viable Options Owner, Talk Show Host

Linda Laskowski Biography: How does one become No. 1 In The No. 2 Business......Let me share: I began receiving colon therapy in 1982. I had a debilitating illness that traditional medicine wasn't addressing to my desires. I sought out and found alternative practices that led me back to health. I quit my corporate job and was certified in the Wood's Gravity Flow Method in 1985. I have been blessed with not one leading authority of colon therapy but two that I can claim proudly as my teachers. Ms. Bonnie Miller and Ms. Helen Wood both directly trained and certified by Dr. Robert Wood, MD. I am also certified through Building Better Health Naturally which is owned and operated by Dr. Bill Horosh and his wife, Millie. Dr. Horosh is a leading authority on iridology and herbology and his lovely wife is a colon therapist also. I have taught electives in 3 massage schools in Michigan for the last 15 years. I have taught and certified students in herbology courses, iridology courses and I have 15 trained and certified colon therapists. I have 28 babies whose moms all had colonics during their pregnancies, all born healthy, with very grateful moms for their short deliveries. I have continuing education courses from Macomb Community College in Macomb, Michigan and as requested I can supply references from chiropractors all over the Michigan area. Linda owns Viable Options in North Kansas City, MO.