Jan Revell

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Jan Revell
Jan Revell
Talk Show Host, Intuitive Coach, Reiki Master, Healer, Angel Messages Facilitator

After some fierce resistance, Jan finally accepted – and agreed – to live the purpose she is called to in this lifetime. Today in Jan’s work with Angelic Guidance, she knows the incredible joy that comes when you follow your Soul passion.

The Angels want to help you reach your highest potential. They WANT you to succeed. To that end, Jan is empowered to deliver insights and messages that touch your soul and help you grow into your full potential. Working with Jan and the Angels, whether in your personal life, relationships or your business, is truly dynamic and can bring about compelling results.

Jan has been an intuitive coach for 25+ years. She is a Reiki Master and healer, and was gifted a technique called Soul Body Messages© – Soul’s gift to each person – as a road map or blueprint for lessons you chose to learn in this lifetime. These messages are in your own body, “as plain as the nose on your face.” Classes for parents and grandparents with their children, as well as practitioner certification classes are available.

Jan Revell