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Jade Lauryne
Jade Lauryne
Diplomat of Pastoral Medicine and Transformational Intuitive, Author and Seminar Facilitator


I am a Pastoral Diplomat of Science and Medicine; certified in hypnotherapy, and a self-published author, lecturer and workshop facilitator.  I am also a Graduate of the Silva Method (now SMC) (1986), and a Reiki Master who uses various modalities to assist her clients in their emotional healing.  My primary focus is on spiritual transformation and I have been a practicing intuitive since 1986 utilizing the Silva Method and Alpha levels of mind to assist my clients.   In 1994, I shifted my studies and focus to vibrational healing thus delving deeper into the mind/body connection. Going further into the realms of energy and vibrational studies of various modalities, lead me to become a Reiki Master as well as becoming certified in hypnotherapy, time-line therapy and neuro-linguistic programming.  Recognizing the importance of spiritual awareness in restoring well-being and balance in my clients, as a non-denominational minister, I bring a much deeper esoteric/spiritual perspective in conjunction with hypnotherapy in my practice.  In taking my clients to deeper levels of mind we can process and release deep seated emotional traumas that are at the root of my client’s body/emotional imbalances.  Because of the spiritual aspect of my practice, in 2017, I applied to and was accepted into the Pastoral Medical Association, an Association that recognizes spiritual/pastoral assistance in working with restoring the emotional and physical well-being of clients.  Many ministers, Naturopaths and chiropractors are a part of this Association. My clients have included recovering stroke patients, clients experiencing memory loss, osteoarthritis, MS, diabetes, allergies and high blood pressure; as well as cancer survivors.  During the Spring/Summer of 2018, I could be heard every Saturday live on Mystic Mandala Radio Network in Plano, Texas. Many of my shows can still be viewed on their Facebook page.  I am available for discourses, workshops and private one-on-one consultations.  Life is a journey, not a destination -- let me help you begin your journey today.

Author House: Life By Design - Ashaunti-Ra (pen name)

Fireside Chats

Fireside Chats with Jade Lauryne
Show Host: 
Jade Lauryne

"Fireside Chats" is about understanding the effect emotions have on the physical body.  We will be talking on each program about the various organs in the body and how fear, anger, resentment, guilt and other intense emotions short-circuit the very life force of the body and show up as various dis-eases.  We will be speaking about practical forgiveness and ways in which to accomplish this.  We will be addressing the need to replace fear at all times and to keep control of emotions through raising vibrations.  

  • Certified in Hypnotherapy and NeuroLinguistic Programming
  • Certified Time Line Therapy® Facilitator
  • Certified Reiki Master and Vibrational/Cellular Memory Clearing
  • Higher Self Realignment, DNA Repatterning, Energy Recapitulation
  • Published Author and Seminar Facilitator

Jade Lauryne
Diplomat of Pastoral Medicine
Transformation Facilitator
Office: (480) 202-7035 | Cell: (480) 440-5602