J Everette Pearsall

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J Everette Pearsall
J Everette Pearsall
Entrepreneur, Advisor, Consultant, Executive Director of The National Alliance of African American Athletes, and Talk Show Host

Executive Director, J. Everette Pearsall possesses a unique blend of success in the business sector and community based not for profit organizations. His business foundation began with a successful six year career with IBM as a Marketing Rep and as a Manager of Business Partners. This technology backbone allowed Everette to also achieve an additional twenty years of success in the technology industry selling storage, engineering software, logistics software, web hosting services, outsourcing services, and process management software. Everette was able to assist these companies in increasing market share and profitability in the Fortune 500 market Sector. This entrepreneurial spirit drove Everette to help in formulating the most effective not for profit African American Athlete Organization (The Alliance). He is the current Executive Director for The Alliance. In order to fund the association, Eyes of A Victim Productions was formed. This Company was instrumental in the funding of the association through the sale of positive pro- African American Paraphernalia. Everette is the Owner and President of Eyes of A Victim Productions. Everette was a Partner in KBR Associates, which is a minority partnership formed to create a revenue stream to reinvest in the Pittsburgh inner city. He also served on the board of the Central Pennsylvania Chapter of UNCF. He started an adopt-a-school program in Harrisburg and participated in Junior Achievement. He is currently on the e Sports Instruction Football Advisory Board which is a software product created to teach the game of football and create team strategies to be used by players at all levels.

Along with serving as the Executive Director of The Alliance, Everette is currently self-employed as the president of Everedy Sports Consulting, Partner owner of Favrit Underwear, Inc. the most comfortable underwear in the world, and an executive sales account manager at JTEK Data Solutions. Previously he was the top National Account Consultant for Digex and AT&T - a national Internet Service provider and Telecommunications company. The Alliance has established the most prestigious award for African American High School Seniors, The Watkins Award. This award is given to the premier African American Scholar Athlete in his High School Senior year. Everette conducts the SAT Scrimmage which is a series of National SAT clinics assisting over 14,000 High School Students Nationwide. He also conducted a myriad of other effective programs centering around community empowerment through athletics.

Everette has dedicated his life to making a difference in the lives of African American Youths. He feels that if he makes a difference in just one person's life, he has done his job. He has done so much more than that. He has inspired other men and women to join his cause in making a difference in the lives of our youth. Most importantly he has certainly made a difference in the lives of many of our African American Youths through his untiring efforts and never-ending work with the programs for our youth.

The Watkins Award

The Watkins Award with Tyrone Tate and J Everette Pearsall
Tyrone Tate and J Everette Pearsall

The Watkins Award has established itself as the nation’s premier award for African American male high school seniors who represent the highest achievement in academics and athletics. The Award is emblematic of an extraordinary athlete, a bonafide scholar, and a person who has been recognized by prominent people in his community as a leader, volunteer, and community advocate.



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