Hassan Jaffer

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Hassan Jaffer
Hassan Jaffer
Radio Talk Show Host, Astrologer, Palmist

Biography from: http://www.astrotrends.net/media/about-hassan

In 1975, Hassan discovered that everyone is born with certain predestined internal cycles or “themes” – the timing and duration of which are both destined. Based on this, he has formulated techniques where you can use your free choice to maximize the positive "cycles' and offset any negative “themes”!

His books include his newest The 2009 Moon Magic Book from his yearly series, Revelations of the Hands (Revelation par Les Mains), Astro-Medical Diagnosis, and Analysis of Famous Charts.

Hassan has appeared in numerous radio and television shows including Larry King, City TV, Breakfast Television, Tom Charington Show, Life Channel, Dini Petti Show, CBC, as well as live call-in shows in Canada and the U.S., where he gets tremendous public response to his instant analysis and accurate world predictions. His favourite call-in shows were “The John Gilbert Show” and the “Peter Varley Show” where he frequently appeared live across Canada. He runs popular workshops throughout North America and also publishes a personalized newsletter “AstroTrends” with worldwide circulation to give timely and helpful advice to his subscribers. It gives insight into current and future World events (Hassan accurately predicted the end of communism, end of Apartheid and the Berlin Wall, the Gulf War and the Internet from Nov. 1995). He has also predicted world peace by Nov. 2008 and a victory for Senator Barak Obama (made in Jan 2008!). It also gives important trends for effective planning. AstroTrends is the only newsletter to publish your Client number when an article applies to you! Hassan is putting his newsletters, courses and other writings on-line for global access. His latest book Moon Magic 2009 is a practical guide to using astrology to establish long term goals and even to plan on a daily basis!

Hassan’s hobbies include sports, art, painting and playing several musical instruments which he considers very important to offset his own themes!