Harry Nathoo

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Harry Nathoo
Harry Nathoo
Stanhope Gardens
CEO of Keyston Business Advisory, Business Coach, Exist Strategist

Harry Nathoo is the Chief Executive Officer for Keystone Business Advisory

My selling philosophy is simple: “People will do business with those people they know, like and trust”. It is on this premise that my colleagues and I continue to build Keystone Focalpoint Coaching and Advisory, part of Brian Tracy’s global network. As part of our service offering to you, we will conduct a free, 30-minute consultation followed by a 1-hour Strategic Business Review to discuss your responses and your needs. We then follow this up with a formal proposal, clearly outlining our recommendations, based on your responses. This process has earned us our clients’ trust. They like doing business with us. I personally work with you on your business growth (sales) and performance (leadership). We help you to succeed!