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Eve Care
Eve Care
Talk Show Host, Empath, Messenger of Light, Writer

Brief Bio: I've been "awake" since birth, and I AM a natural empath. I've been working consciously with the angels and other cosmic beings since 1999, and in the past few years I’ve accelerated my Path of Light with the Ascended Masters. Beloved Saint Germain, "G" as I call Him, is my Primary Sponsor and Teacher in this Lifetime, and in previous embodiments together He has taught me about the Laws of Energy and continues to assist me now in Mastering Energy and working with other Divine Qualities on the Rays of Light.

I AM a Messenger of Light, Living my Mastery, and working directly with the Great Ascended Host and all the Realms of Light. I have no affiliation with any Ascended Master Activity or Organization, nor do I belong to any spiritual or religious organization.

I AM on my own Path of Life, receiving DIRECT instruction from the Ascended Realms of Light, sometimes referred to as the Great Ascended Host, and Beloved Ascended Masters Saint Germain, El Morya, Kuthumi, Jesus, Lady Portia, Kuan Yin, Pallas Athena, Mighty Elohim Cyclopea (and all of the Beloved Mighty Elohim), Archangel Michael, Cosmic Beings El and Ella, Lord Maitreya, and many other Masters Whom are too many to list here.

I AM an all-encompassing being, who is warm, open, sensitive, friendly and welcoming with all of my being. I do my best to work with everyone on an equal-Light-level, which means it is my honor to serve YOUR LIGHT, equally as much as I do my own! This is also the path of integrity, where we each show up for ourselves and for each other, but we can do so for each other because we do it for ourselves first.

Please feel free to visit my websites:

Freedom’s Flame Radio Blog Site: To Leave Feedback, Ask Questions, Post Requests For Show Topics, Links to Archives, Guest Showcases and Weekly Show Content

Whole One Wisdom Blog Site: Contains My Published Articles

Evenity: My Online Presence and My Services

My Desire: To see everyone free, peaceful and loving towards themselves and to each other ~ to co-create a beautiful world together from the true authentic place of Love in each owns heart ~ to master these energies here so we can each fulfill our Divine Plans together and help each other succeed in the enlightenment of the planet, to help our planet ascend and that we will ascend with Her too!