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Esperanza Rey
Esperanza Rey
Talk Show Host, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Speaker, Teacher, Self-Empowerment Coach, Author, Consciousness Explorer, Systems Engineer, Workshop Leader, Holistic Therapist, Spiritual Coach

Esperanza Rey has a degree in Computer Science, followed by a successful career as a Systems Engineer working with Information Technology and Information Management in the late 1990s. Early in the 2000s she was Senior Security Systems Engineer and Lead Certification and Accreditation expert, working on the design and accreditation of one of the largest projects within DoD. She was appointed Principal Systems Engineer Network Centric Systems in 2005 a project intended to achieve superior situational awareness for DoD. In 2007 she was appointed Principle Systems Engineer and Software and Network Engineering Lead working with satellite communication intrusion detection.

For more than 25 years, Esperanza has been on a quest for self-growth, empowerment, and develop a greater connection with God through the development of her spiritual awareness, and personal power techniques. She is also a speaker and teacher helping to pave the way for a new awareness. In the last 30 years she has traveled extensively learning a variety of disciplines and methodologies by great master teachers. She has taught for over 15 years in Europe and the US. Esperanza worked with a variety of people including: at-risk-teenagers, prisoners, state police, and the homeless. She is the author of the book “Hope Reigns – Beyond 2012”, The Real Secret of the End of Time, Ascension into the 5th Dimension”, and is working on her next book “Experiences With Angels”. She is the founder of the Research Center for Inner Awareness (RCIA) – A center for "New Consciousness, New World".

Esperanza’s philosophy is that with self-empowerment and through Spirit and His Community of Light we are all given gifts when we strive to reach our ultimate potential. When we share our gifts with others our growth is accelerated and we all benefit.

Esperanza is a workshop leader, and wholistic therapist who has extensive experience in the areas of Past Life Regression, Quantum Healing, Energy Body Expansion, Human and Planetary Clearing, Activation, Protection, and Possession. Join Esperanza in the live events, seminars, support group, and webcasts and find out why “Heaven on Earth” is a reality!