Emy Louie

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Emy Louie
Emy Louie
Radio Talk Show Host, Author, Architect, Feng Shui Certification

Biography from: http://www.fasttrainsbook.com/about-the-authors.html

Emy’s motivation for promoting high speed rail is driven by passion for the cause. Since 2009, Emy has served as the Director of Public Outreach for the US High Speed Rail Association. As a dynamic speaker and conduit of communication, Emy works tirelessly to introduce people to high-speed rail ideas, innovations, and concepts while sharing her vision for building an advanced high-speed rail system in America.

Her passion for bringing high-speed rail to America is essentially unmatched and manages almost always to engender passion in others. An Architect (graduate of the University of Hawaii at Mānoa with a degree in Architecture) who once hosted her own radio show, Emy has taught numerous continuing education classes on the topic of sustainability to architects and engineers.