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Suzanne Lie PhD
Radio Talk Show Host, Multidimensional Counseling

Biography from: http://www.suzanneliephd.com/crown/about.html

Suzanne Lie’s spiritual journey is described in her website, www.multidimensions.com written under the penname of Suzan Caroll. She has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. (See A child’s Adventure in Faerie at www.multidimensions.com/Unconscious/uncon_emotions_innocence.html). Suzanne first stepped onto her Spiritual Path in the mid 1970s when she met her first spiritual teacher, Mrs. Reed. Since then, she has had many teachers and initiations. Her inner Path led her through the fourth dimension, where she studied in her night body and in meditation in the Mystery Schools on the threshold of each octave of the fourth dimensional Astral Plane.

Meanwhile, her life in the physical plane was quite “normal.” Her first marriage ended when her spiritual life gave her enough confidence and power to get her Masters degree in audiology. With a good job, she gained the necessary financial freedom to leave an unhappy relationship. Soon after, she met her Soul Mate, married, and began studying for her PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Just as before, the integration of her spiritual reality and her mundane life was extremely difficult. Fortunately, her second husband accepted her inner life, although he did not understand it. Furthermore, her PhD studies included personal psychotherapy and focused on alternative methods of psychotherapy, such as hypnotherapy and guided meditation, which gave her tools to help her self, as well as others.

In 1986 she began her psychotherapy practice with a MFT license. Through her practice, she has gained as much as she has given. At first, her focus was more on traditional psychotherapy, probably because she needed to focus on that in her own life. However, over time, her practice gradually shifted into more and more transpersonal therapy. This transition was, of course, in alignment with her spiritual growth.

In 1999 she began writing her website at www.multidimensions.com . “Coming out” of the “Spiritual closet” was not easy, as she had not yet totally convinced herself that she wasn’t, at least, a little crazy. Fortunately, documenting her journey and talking to others all over the world with similar experiences allowed her to fully accept and embrace her true SELF.

In keeping with her continuing journey, which is documented in her ever-expanding website, www.multidimensions.com, Suzanne wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Suzanne focuses her approach to counseling on the needs of her clients, rather than any one technique. She has learned much about couples counseling and enjoys seeing intimate partners find the center-place where they can express their deepest love. Through being married since she was 20, as well as being a psychotherapist for over 25 years, Suzanne believes that the secret to a happy relationship is effective and loving communication.

Once a couple, family and/or person can learn to communicate in a loving, effective manner, they can make it through the many challenges that life presents. Now, especially since 2008, there are many complicated choices that need to be made. All of us, whether or not we are in a relationship with another person can benefit greatly from an intimate relationship with our true, Spiritual SELF.

Most of us are using only about 10% of our brain and about 3% of our DNA. Through seeking, communicating with, and integrating our true, multidimensional SELF into our physical life, we can greatly expand our consciousness and regain latent skills that will assist us in creating our new reality. Multidimensions.com guides the reader through a process of awakening to their multidimensional Soul/SELF who exists free of the limitations and illusions of third dimensional reality.

In personal therapy, whether it is weekly, bi-monthly or as the client’s needs present, Suzanne assists her clients to perceive, communicate with, download and integrate this expanded essence of SELF into the physical body and mundane life. Suzanne also welcomes those who may wish a one-time reading, astrology consultation and Q and A sessions abut the issues that arise during ones process of awakening to his or her true SELF.

If you are interested in a personal communication with Suzanne, whether it be by phone, Skype in person or via email, please contact her at suzancaroll@multidimensions.com or 310 540-1313. Suzanne enjoys communicating with people all over the world.