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Dr. Richard Needle
Dr. Richard Needle PhD
Radio Talk Show Host,

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Dr. Richard Needle, Ph.D
Dr. Needle has an undergraduate degree in Psychology from Emory University and a Master's and Doctorate in Nutrition from the American College of Holistic Health. He has taught Nutrition at Emory Senior University. In the early 90's he was the famous Southeastern Juice Man.

He has been a guest on numerous health related radio and television programs around the country and conducts his own seminars on nutrition and health.

Dr. Needle and his wife, Jackie are the founders of Anti-Aging Plus, a company dedicated to providing highly effective, nutritional supplements from completely natural food sources.

"I've made a career of seeking out nutritional products that are safe and effective for my patients and myself to feel better, look better, and reverse the aging process. Each discovery has made a profound difference. People think I am fifteen years younger than I am, and I feel twenty years younger! It's very exciting to have all the energy I have now. Plus, my energy is more balanced. As an example, when I go to bed at night, I sleep more soundly."
Credentials and Private Practice

Ph.D from Clayton University, formally The American College of Holistic Health
Member of: The American Society of Nutritional and Dietary Consultants
Certified in Nutritional Science Proficiency from the College of Life Science

There are three basic types of healing:

Traditional Medicine
Treating Symptoms with Drugs and Surgery
Alternative Healing (also treat symptoms using natural substances)

My program removes causes rather than treating symptoms. I work with an individual's genetics. It's customized for YOUR specific genetics. Call for a FREE Initial Consultation.