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Dr. Paul Sambataro MS., Ph.D
Dr. Paul Sambataro MS., Ph.D
Neurocognitive Scientist

Dr. Paul Sambataro MS., Ph.D. is a neurocognitive scientist with the American Academy of Primary Care Psychologists and creator of the Emotional Budgeting Program!

AAPCP introducing “The emotional budgeting program”. This is a revolutionary mind development program to support the mind’s ability to process information, emotions in a social climate outpacing our biological development. This program has been clinically tested in an outpatient setting with successful results shown in children, adolescents and adults; associated with an overall positive change in solving problems and increasing overall daily functional tasks.

Clients who have gone through this program have found the reduction of anxiety and stress relief within 6-8 weeks short daily program exercises.

Budgeting for emotional success is based on brain functioning theories and principles oriented for productive functioning.

As a Neurocognitive Scientist I have assessed countless number of young students devastated by overwhelming anxiety and emotional turmoil disrupting their ability to problem solve issues in their daily lives. In cognitive testing this can impact processing speed and memory. I have also noted similar issues in adults in private practice which has led to an understanding that the inability to process and organize information input into the brain creates the sense of anxiety, stress and the state of being overwhelmed which limits function.

Many adults experience overwhelming anxiety and stress resulting in emotional pain. Relief for emotional pain is often sought through ineffective self-medication or self-harming behaviors. This program is designed as a supplemental to a strong therapeutic partnership with a therapist.

The emotional budgeting program is available on the website with a downloadable mobile web app and work books. I also offer consultations and follow ups associated with this program. The program has been designed with the understanding of how the brain delineates overwhelming emotions and the subsequent following behaviors that are a result of the brain seeking relief.

The workbook and program are effective because the brain is seeking to organize the chaos of unfilled data linked by the brain through synaptic pathways. When you work with our programs, your brain will comprehend the meaning of the exercise and begin to more efficiently organize information leading to relief from overwhelming emotion.

Thank you for your participation in the brain awareness revolution and we hope your gains meet or exceed the gains of others that have utilized this program.

Talk Revolution

Talk Revolution with Dr Paul Sambataro
Show Host: 
Dr Paul Sambataro

Brian Training with Dr Paul Sambataro, creator of the The Emotional Budgeting program, a program designed as a tool to improve processing speed through learning applications that are based in rote or repetitive learning style in tandem with formatted categorizing information while balancing the data.

Rote methods are routinely used when fast memorization is required, such as learning one’s lines in a play or memorizing a telephone Rote learning is widely used in the mastery of foundational knowledge. Categorizing is a natural process of the brain.

The show discusses Narrative building for adults and children to strengthen and improve self esteem and shore up tools to cope with environmental strains that may be present. 

Educational narrative development workbooks are available as a stand alone process with Teleconference training by Dr. Paul Sambataro. The narrative building tool can bring teachers and parents a step closer to understanding a child’s self identity, and guides the narrative towards positive goal setting and self image. This strengthens the authority of the teacher or parent through the guidance of self motivating tools. Narrative building increases resiliency and reduces the peer to peer aggressions (bullying). Self advocacy is at the core of the development process.

Please order the Narrative Workbooks and schedule a teleconference with Paul Sambataro to schedule an in-person training session or teleconference session.

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