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Dr. Mark
Dr Mark
Founder of the JoyMode Living Movement, former Chiropractor, Author, Researcher, Musician, Singer, Songrwriter, Teacher, Consultant, Talk Show Host

Back2Eden Co-Host Dr. Mark

Founder of the JoyMode Living Movement

In Eden there was perfect joy in perfect union with Creator Source.  Joy is one of the essential patterns of wellness displayed in the garden of Eden and is essential for your and your pet’s wellness journey Back2Eden.  The JoyMode Living Movement is about rediscovering, reconnecting with and flowing with the Source of Joy continually, even in the midst of contrary circumstances.  An example of his work, Dr. Mark has developed a body of work outlining the answers, methods and tools he has developed to make living in joy a reality for anyone.

Dr. Mark loves life with his wife and son, in the Mid-West, and enjoys animals.  His favorite animal story is petting the stingrays at the St. Louis Zoo!  His love for animals includes Marina, a family indoor cat that loves to play fetch and receive energy sessions, too.

Dr. Mark is a former chiropractor, author, and researcher from Lincoln, Nebraska.  A member of the Pastoral Medical Association, Dr. Mark is dedicated to helping people embrace energy medicine and restore their JOY MODE LIVING, the name of his inspirational band.

A gifted musician and singer/songwriter, Dr. Mark enjoys performing songs from his album entitled, "Myriads," a reference to angels.  His second CD will be released in the Fall of 2015.

A firm believer in prayer and distance healing solutions, Dr. Mark is a representative for the LIFE System Biofeedback since 2002, a state-of-the-art wellness assessment technology with amazing benefits for stress reduction in animals and their pet owners, as well. Much like sending a radio broadcast to your home radio, the LIFE System broadcasts the song to your or your pet’s body that it wants to hear to get back into step with the rhythm of health and to balance and harmonize its own function in the dance of wellness and well-being.

With years of teaching, consulting and working with people and pets remotely, Dr. Mark has witnessed first hand how our pets dramatically respond to the simple frequencies of love and compassion which are included in every session. The LIFE System also scans 7,000 items in your or your pet’s bodies that helps restore the delicate resonance and harmonic function of the body with vibrational signatures and frequencies for enhanced energy and emotional balance.

Dr. Mark enjoys studying and researching new quantum technologies, using scalar and PEMF pulsed electro-magnetics for restoring wellness and rhythm to the body and would love to answer your questions on The Back2Eden Pet Talk Radio.

 Just One Testimonial:

“Azi was being overly aggressive and violent without provocation. The first time mom had you (Dr. Mark) run her (do a remote treatment), she is no longer physically attacking strangers who get within 5-10 feet of her!...[a few days later] Since she has been sick she has been staying close to me and sitting with me. Azi is doing incredibly better this evening! When I came home from work today, she is bouncing around, jumping on her cat trees and completely disregarding my existence! Being in the room with people, but ignoring the people's existence!  I checked the new bald spot and it is half the size it was yesterday. She has grown several millimeters of fur over the outer edges of it. It is incredible. It is so amazing. Thank you!” Elizabeth in Washington State.