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Linda Salvin, MPH, PhD
Linda Salvin, MPH, PhD
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Metaphysician and Talk Show Host

After earning a Master's in Public Heath at the University of Michigan in 1977, I was on company business in 1981 when the plane I was traveling on crashed.  I had my first near-death, out of body experience and became very psychic.  A native of Los Angeles, my background was in health care but shifted to psychic and metaphysical sciences after the accidents.  There were two more after the plane crash, including a white light experience during an auto accident.  I  was given the choice to live or die.  In 1994, I was offered a position as  the night time psychic on a major Los Angeles FM radio station.  From there, I went on to build my career in radio as a psychic, long before the internet and digital era took over terrestrial radio.  I have helped people all over the world having conducted well over 100,000 readings, healings and channeling session.  I also created my own candle magic line in 1999 to help people further their spiritual involvement with their lives.  The candle line is called Wicks of Wisdom.  I am available for personal consultations and personal appearances.

I have a BA in Health Education, a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and a PhD in Metaphysics. All combined education brings the science and spiritual together to give you a clear answer.