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Don Margolis, Chairman and Founder The Repair Stem Cell Institute
Don Margolis
Chairman and Founder of, The Repair Stem Cell Institute, Visionary, Humanitarian, A Voice in the Wilderness, Stem Cell Advocate and Researcher, Talk Show Host

Chairman and Founder
The Repair Stem Cell Institute™

How does a guy from Philadelphia who spent nearly 40 years as an executive in the insurance business, and is a charter member of the American Academy of Actuaries, come to be known worldwide as “a visionary,” “a humanitarian,” and “a voice in the wilderness” in the world of stem cell medicine?

Don Margolis, 78, a graduate of the Drexel Institute of Technology (now Drexel University) with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree, is the only leader in research and implementation of stem cell medicine who ignores the obscuring and dangerous political and religious debates and concentrates on the science.

Since 2005, Don has been quietly earning the title of “The Voice of Stem Cell Science” title for his tireless advocacy of the safety and efficacy of Adult Stem Cells – more accurately named Repair Stem Cells (RSC) – to help patients recover from more than 100 different diseases and medical conditions including the Big Three chronic killers in the U.S. -- Cancers, Diabetes, and Heart Disease. Other known ailments that can be treated with RSC are Multiple Sclerosis, COPD, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, Hyperplasia, Spinal Cord injuries, and Don’s personal favorite, Autism.

In a recent interview, Mr. Margolis made it clear: “I am not a crusader,” he said. “My only agenda is to help patients who are told by the worst medical system in the developed world that their medical conditions are untreatable when that’s simply not true.”

Don’s claim that the U.S. medical establishment is “the worst” is supported by the prestigious Commonwealth Fund, which in its May 2012 study, Explaining High Health Care Spending in the United States: An International Comparison of Supply, Utilization, Prices, and Quality, concluded that among 13 industrialized countries, “The United States spends far more on health care than any other country [yet] Health care quality in the U.S. varies and is not notably superior to the far less expensive systems in the other study counties.”

Don Margolis wants you to know. . .

- In their lifetimes, more than 50% of all Americans will develop one of the Big Three Killers – the chronic diseases of Cancer, Diabetes, and Heart Disease, which are NOT curable by their medical professionals
- That there IS hope!

Margolis describes as his personal mission in life “to bring a major medical benefit to mankind.” Most people who have no medical or scientific training would sit around wondering how to do it. Not Don. In 2003, with the help from the one man in the world he considers the greatest stem cell doctor of all, Dr. Shimon Slavin, he founded the world’s first stem cell treating company, TheraVitae. Within 18 months they became the first stem cell company in the world to treat no-hope heart patients...over 500 in all before politics shut them down as they have shut down most of the stem cell clinics which save and improve lives by the hundreds.

Don Margolis wants you to know…

- Stem cell therapy has the potential to replace the ineffective and potentially deadly traditional “killer therapies” for the Big Three Killers. That is, chemotherapy and radiation for Cancer; insulin therapy for Diabetes; “Give up” therapy for Heart Disease, where your doctor ultimately tells you there’s no hope, should you survive long enough to hear those discouraging words.
- That ALL chronic diseases, not just these three, ALWAYS result in a shortened projected lifespan for the average patient!
- That Repair Stem cells can improve the quality of life, if not the longevity, of the vast majority of chronic patients.

And, since his start in 2003, Don has worked tirelessly to make this potential a reality. In 2008, the lives of thousands now directly or indirectly connected to Don Margolis took another fortuitous turn. As part of an action plan to realize his mission, Don founded the Repair Stem Cell Institute (RSCI), a public affairs and Repair Stem Cell advocacy organization. Since the spring of 2008, RSCI, served by a world-class Science Advisory Board of doctors and researchers, all personally recruited by Don, has helped tens of thousands of people to better understand the enormous healing potential of repair stem cells.

“The Repair Stem Cell Institute exists for one reason – to bring the greatest medicine the world has ever seen to mankind, using Repair Stem Cells in the science and art of diagnosing, treating, recovering and preventing disease, relieving pain, and improving and preserving health,” says Mr. Margolis.

Of course, a person such as Don, motivated by such intense passion for what can be accomplished, has not been without controversy. Regular readers of his newsletter and his blog,, know that he is no shrinking violet when it comes to “telling it like it is” about why repair stem cells are not in widespread use in the developed world, especially the USA.

“The public in every western democracy is just plain misinformed about stem cells, since their politicians are all owned by Big Pharma, which will never allow adult stem cells to interfere with its profits of a quarter billion dollar per DAY! Since they also own and control outright 90%+ of the medical scientists and control the major media in those democracies, all the patients (and their doctors) are allowed to hear are lies.”

According to Don, Big Pharma does its bit to keep the world ignorant of the greatest medicine ever available, “because medical science has been corrupted by capitalism and no one is interested in cures because no one will pay for cures, just profitable pills to keep the needy alive and buying more useless and toxic pills. “

“I pray that stem cells gets a chance to show the way; otherwise my grandchildren stand no chance of having a standing medical infrastructure when they reach their 30s.”

The Present, the Future, and the Hope are Real

In Don’s continuing efforts to “Educate, Advocate, and Empower” people about Repair Stem Cells, it is heartening to note that 10,000+ people per week visit RSCI’s three stem cell websites, many of whom are looking for the right doctor to treat what most doctors term their “untreatable” diseases. Since stem cell treatments are still not available in North America, Don's websites currently assist people to connect with global stem cell centers to recover from their conditions. Learn more…watch Don’s 19-minute “Stem Cell University” course – Stem Cells 101 at

At age 78, Don Margolis shows no signs of slowing down or running out of ideas on how best to educate and empower those in need of the most effective medical treatments available.

Don Margolis wants you to know. . .

There are new technologies, treatments and successes every day. He can help guide you through this medical maze from which you can emerge a healthier, more hopeful, and longer-living patient.

- Join RSCI (free) and get Don's twice monthly newsletter (but only if you can handle the raw truth not available elsewhere)
- Get the full story of the Fairy Tale known as Embryonic Stem Cell "science"
- Learn to sort hype from Science by requesting his STEM CELLS 102 course by email. A 10-minute WORD document will put you in the top 20% of knowledgeable patients.
- Write to (or call him at 1-214-556-6377). No one is more prompt at responding to patients needing guidance to treatments which can help, rather than harm them.


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