Dick Larson

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Dick Larson
Dick Larson
Counselor, Educator, Speaker, Talk Show host

For three decades through public talks and as a talk-show guest, Dick Larson has inspired audiences with hope and information about the creation of a wonderful, new world-wide civilization based on justice, freedom, and the sister/brotherhood of humanity. To demonstrate this, shows will include some of the decades of wonderful documentary work by award-winning producer, Frances Oman.

Larson is a counselor with a background in business, counseling, and education. His focus on practical spirituality comes from his original Christian background, studying the world’s major religions, and his study of the Ageless Wisdom teachings from the Himalayas.

These teachings forecast the global crises, corruption, and injustices occurring now and to which humanity is responding loudly with movements like "Me Too" and "Black Lives Matter". Larson says we are about to receive guidance from great teachers, including Maitreya, the World Teacher, who are now returning to the world in physical bodies.

Dick shares his strong convictions of a bright new future in "a world that works for everyone" regardless of income, race, age, education, sex, sexual preference, religion, or political party. He says that, in spite of current problems, this is a time of big changes for the better and is a great time to be alive! 

Planetary Makeover Show

Planetary Makeover Show with Dick Larson
Dick Larson

Planetary Makeover Show with Dick Larson

In the midst of this global crisis, the voices for justice are revealing what really matters. It is time for Planetary Makeover. Here we feature solutions and modern miracles in documentary videos that offer hope for our future and remind us all of our spiritual source. Long ago it was forecast that at this time in history, extraordinary teachers including the World Teacher, would emerge to help us as we build a world that works for everyone.

Tune in for the next Planetary Makeover show, as we watch and discuss another video by Frances Oman in light of the timely and non-denominational Ageless Wisdom teachings that will fill your spirit and inspire you with hope for our future … a world that works for everyone. So be prepared to call in and share your views and questions, in another uplifting episode of Planetary Makeover!

Bi-Weekly Show
BBS Station 1
5:00 pm PT
5:55 pm PT