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Destiny Noel Di Gabriele
Destiny Noel Di Gabriele
United States
Holistic Healer, Spirit Faerie, Star Seed, Tantric Yogini and Shapeshifter

Destiny Noel Di Gabrielle, born into a family of 8, I placed at lucky number 4. My childhood was far from average, and its lessons of love, unity, diversity, and expression were plentiful. At a young age, I felt a compulsion to rebel against societal norm. I branched out from the expected and divulged myself in experiences that some would say were far beyond my years. Nevertheless, the path that led me through challenges was one of the universe’s greatest gifts to me. It was through these times that I learned to identify the ‘true me’ and to depend upon what I knew in my heart as truth. This journey awakened my soul to my passions and purpose. I began to study Metaphysics and Majik, uncovering answers to mysteries not only of the universe but of my own soul. I became aware of the ascension process and through this understanding and alignment, I felt my hearts pull to assist humanity through the shifts. It is now my focus to reach each and every soul ready to liberate themselves from 3rd Dimensional thoughts and patterns and guide them to experience the ultimate beauty of 5D expansion.

Destiny Noel Di Gabriele

Passion To Purpose

Passion To Purpose with Bernadette Di Gabriele and Destiny Noel De Gabriele
Bernadette Di Gabriele and Destiny Noel De Gabriele

Passion To Purpose with Bernadette Di Gabriele and Destiny Noel De Gabriele

Bernadette Di Gabriele is a Marconics Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Theta Healing Practitioner, and an Ordained Spiritual Counselor and Teacher. In addition, she holds degrees in Behavioral Science, Communications, and Metaphysical Psychology. Through the years she has offered guidance in many areas of life and as a result of her experience and training she has developed unique techniques that assist clients in releasing past pain in order to pursue a life of balance and elevated consciousness. Bernadette takes her experience, passion, and divine impartations, then combines those elements with behavioral science, health and wellness, spiritual education and background. Grouping these components together results in valuable guidance for individuals toward realizing and reaching their highest potential. Bernadette assists individuals and groups in making discoveries that will forever impact their life, so individually we can design our destiny's, one intention at a time. 

"We may not be able to control the events unfolding around us, but, we do get to choose how we navigate through them. Knowing we have purpose, believing there is a Higher Intelligence, and faithfully moving forward, is to exercise the understanding that the Ultimate Universal Power is at work in our lives and therefore will guide and direct us through all things that surface whether we understand it or not. "Lean not on to your own understanding", just breathe freely knowing, Everything Happens for a reason." Bernadette M DiGabriele

Marconics 'No-Touch' energy session

A Marconics 'No-Touch' energy session is a full-spectrum, multi-dimensional healing modality performed in the clients energy field. Marconics energy (encoded with light information) is coursed through selected points of the body's axi-a-tonial system temporarily raising your vibration (hold time is based on personal growth, intention, and environment) while promoting profound, spontaneous healing on all levels of the multi-dimensional body (releasing karmic attachments, addictions, disease, depression etc). The Marconics energy is similar to performing a tune-up on your car, adjusting a musical instrument, or updating technology - like your computer or smart phone. This process is as necessary to your health as it is to the functionality of the technological devices used everyday. Realize that when your vibration is low you can become physically sick, emotionally detached, or stuck in negative behavioral patterns. Let's raise your vibration and you will feel the difference! 

Marconics Recalibration

Higher vibrational frequency can only be sustained with the Marconic Recalibration. This process permanently plugs us back into the Universal Matrix connecting us to resonating Star Systems in preparation for living in the Fifth Dimension and higher - according to one's spiritual evolution (Higher Dimensions comprise of matter vibrating at varying densities resulting in differing states of Consciousness). As our planet continues to elevate its vibrational frequencies, it becomes imperative that our energy levels resonate, or, are compatible with the increase otherwise, you will experience physical, mental, and emotional discomfort during future SHIFTS. Following the Recalibration, the body undergoes a metamorphosis as de-activated codes within the DNA are triggered to re-awaken consciousness, characteristics, traits, and attributes essential for survival in the higher dimensions. The recalibration process is only necessary to undergo one time, as you will sustain the level attained and continue to elevate consciousness; shifting and ascending to higher vibrational frequencies. 

Family & Relationship Guidance

Every family and relationship needs an objective perspective at one point or another. Through Family & Relationship Guidance Sessions Bernadette’s goal is to assist you and those you love in reconciling differences, resolving conflicts, preparing for a marital union, or simply designing a future plan. In addition, Bernadette will help you and those you love to: recognize debilitating patterns; build on the positive and develop alternatives; and, open communication to provide all individuals with an opportunity to express themselves. 

Spiritual Guidance

Beliefs are a large part of our reality. Have you ever felt unworthy of love, success, or happiness? Have you ever wondered why you have repeated negative behavior patterns? From childhood to adulthood we are often influenced into a belief system that may not resonate with our divine impartation. As we go through life, we often realize that certain ways of thinking or behaving no longer serve us, and, it is not uncommon to feel unsettled as we experience this inner conflict.

In Bernadette’s Spiritual Guidance Sessions, she will guide you through steps to connect the divinity within you with Universal Intelligence to formulate a personal governance pattern that best suits who you were uniquely created to be. You will learn how to reprogram beliefs that no longer serve you and instill patterns of belief that will assist you in living a complete and happy life.

Addiction Recovery Support

Do you feel powerless over life's circumstances? Do you feel disempowered by those around you? Do you feel as though you are so alone that hopelessness has turned into depression? Sometimes it seems as though life's challenges are so overwhelming that the only way to cope is to escape. Addiction comes in many forms (substances, gambling, shopping, food etc.) and can eventually take over your every thought and action. Realizing there is a problem is a huge part in taking the necessary steps toward recovery. During Bernadette's addiction counseling sessions her goal is to assist you in reconnecting with yourself, your higher self, and Source of All that Is - filling the void and disconnection that triggers and is experienced through addiction. Using the SMART philosophy along with Energy Therapy, the focus is on healing the disturbances that have contributed to the need for an external coping mechanism, setting you on the path toward healing what ails you as opposed to living with the burden of a forever