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Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL
Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL
African American Slavery Historian, Author, Teacher, Talk Show Host

Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah El is the author of an explosive new book that exposes the misconceptions of the "N" Word, "MY NEEG'-ER: Healing the Ontological Wound of the "N" word. In its original Hebraic and Amharic roots, the word meant divinity or royalty.

"MY NEEGER'-ER: Healing the Ontological Wound of the "N" Word" is a recently published book written by Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah El, a resident of California, residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. After 30 years in the mainstream black church, Caliph decided there was a deeper relevance to the bible as it related to Black people and began to research the issue.

The intent of this book is to bring about awareness and restore a biblical identity to a people who are the only people in the history of mankind whose identity the world has concealed! It is time to challenge the assigned meaning of the word "NEEG'-ER" for two reasons: 1) It has been used to place a particular people in a singular distinct classification as the only people on the planet with a given identity that is false, and 2) It has been used as a weapon in the pseudo speciation, demoralization, stigmatization, and dehumanization of a people. It is through the bible that these questions finally find answers and relief. Those who contrived to cover up its meaning meant it for evil, but YAHWEH has turned it into something good.

Caliph is currently teaching a class on Black Religion, and the misconceptions and origin of the "N" word, as a guest instructor for "Religion and the African American Church in America" at Laney Community College in Oakland, CA. Dr. Robert L. McKnight, Sr., adjunct professor of African American Studies at Merritt and Laney Colleges in Oakland, CA, thought the book was an important contribution to African American history and invited Caliph to share his knowledge in his "Religion and the African American Church in America" class.

The Royal Priesthood Nation

The Royal Priesthood Nation with Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey
Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey

Our Mission - prepare humanity for ascension through Merkabah activation!

With Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey, you will learn VIBRATION, what we Think IS What we are, THE RE-AWAKENING OF KEMET, The Kemetic Way of Life spoken by a Dogon Priest, WHO OR WHAT IS GOD, Mer-Ka-Ba Is This Proof That The Soul Exists, The 12 Houses of the Karmic Wheel, The 12 Universal Laws, Laws of Karma, Merkaba Meditation, SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS, Code of the Blue Nile, The Male Oraphim and much more...


1. Unity Consciousness

2. Pineal/Single Eye Activation

3. How to see your MERKABAH

4. Cosmic Law

5. The Tree of Life/Immortality

6. Principles of Manifestation/Explosions That Create Reality

7. Names That Carry Cosmic Resonance/Naming Ceremony

8. The Partnership: Creator, Creation, and Creature

9. The Language of Creation