Beth and James Deppa

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Beth and James Deppa
Beth and James Deppa
Lake City
Marriage Counseling

Beth and James Deppa have a huge passion for helping couples create this mindset. They have been working on this for over 5 years. They are doing this because they struggled in their first marriages. The desire to not make the same mistakes again, they started to learn how to do this. They have been mentored by some of the best, read books, listened to podcasts, researched online and talked with people in different fields and experiences. They sat down with each other and worked through it piece by piece. They have now created a relationship that is strong (even during an argument), caring (even after being hurt by the other) and lovable (even more than the honeymoon phase). It is this process that they want to share with others and help them achieve the Honeymoon Mindset that they are experiencing. It is even stronger and better than when they realized they were truly meant to be together.

Honeymoon Mindset

Honeymoon Mindset with Beth and James Deppa
Beth and James Deppa

What would you say is the best part of any relationship? Trying to keep the honeymoon phase going?  Do you wonder if it goes away? The honeymoon phase can last a lifetime and give you paradise together because of the Honeymoon Mindset. Helping engaged, newly married and remarried couples deal with issues that starts with their mindset then to the couple's mindset. This will keep the honeymoon phase alive and well. The Honeymoon Mindset will let the couple live in paradise together.