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Barbara Patterson
Barbara Patterson
Talk Radio Show Host, Intuitive, Advertising & Marketing Administrator, Reiki Teacher, Spirit Coach, Shamanic Practitioner, Instructor for Autogenic Training and Energetic Straightening, Health Practitioner, NLP Practitioner, Motivator, Author and Speaker

Born and raised in Germany, I grew up as a sensitive child in a not so sensitive environment. I know now that I shut down parts of my soul when I was around 5 years old, to be able to “survive” in society and to not stand out from the crowd so much.

I was always a very intuitive person and yet, somehow decided to ignore this because society taught me to live on a rational path (everybody did it, so I guess I wanted to follow the flock and fit in). School wasn’t much fun for me, since I tried hard to understand what I was offered with my rational mind and I faded out intuition and soul altogether.

To fulfill the expectations of society, I finished school, learned a “real” job and became certified in my chosen field – all the while asking myself what for… Then I worked away some more, trudging on a path of distraction, dissatisfaction, boredom and earning “cold money”.

My conscious spiritual path began in 1995 ( I was 25 years old), when I discovered Reiki. I completed my first degree, went home and was so grateful that I was "allowed" to be intuitive and to make decisions based on my gut feelings. It was such a relief!

I was hooked, so as soon as possible, I completed the second degree. I soaked up all the energy and worked with it - took me a while to figure out that it's a great tool to further develop MY OWN personality and my personal path. After trying to evangelize people and convert them to the Reiki path, I turned towards myself. Started to look inside and faced some shadows and what beauty I found within me!

I took over the responsibility for my life - slowly but surely. In 1998, I got my Reiki Master "degree" - I wanted that energy to integrate into my life and to integrate myself into the world. Shortly after that, I left Germany and went to Ireland. Turned 30 in Ireland, felt like I had found my "therapy country" (and soul home), was totally free of any family and friend influences and felt like I had the sole power over my life for the first time ever.

After I realized that, I met my husband and it was a quick (heartfelt) decision that we were going to stay together. 3 weeks later, I moved back to Germany and my man went with me (I imported an Irish man!). We discovered early on in our relationship that we are in alignment regarding feelings, emotions and thoughts and could focus on our present and future together rather than having to concentrate on resolving issues from our past.   

Got married in Costa Rica in 2001 - great country for spiritual findings! - and continued to live in Germany. At some stage it dawned on me that I really wanted to teach others Reiki, the way I had come to understand it, as a personal tool. Soon after I started working as a Reiki teacher, I decided to quit my “normal” job and become a full-time spiritual entrepreneur. I am still happy about my half-conscious decision in 2004, because following that hunch helped my soul to finally become center-stage in my life as the leading character.

My soul was and is able to get through to me better and better because I constantly work on my inner guidance, my spiritual path and my conscious awareness.

Right now, it feels like I have completed another circle in the spiral of my life and am ready to ascend to the next level. I have gathered a lot of beautiful and practical tools on my path (and I use them), and I am grateful that I have constantly trained my intuition and my "clair-skills".

In 2010, my family and me moved away from the big city (away from all “old connections”) into the country-side and my creativity exploded. I decided I wanted to write a book, found a publisher straight away and in the span of a few weeks, all was sorted. The book was published in January 2011 and ever since, I am re-defining myself and my work again and connecting with like-minded soul friends worldwide through social media.

In October 2011, my 3-year old son (rainbow child) showed his intuitive skills for the first time while my 7-year old daughter (crystal child) is gently working her magic in the background.

I am very blessed and so unbelievably lucky to have found my soul mate, to have my two beautiful children and a life without much drama nowadays. I have come a long way, and I am finally shining my light full blast.

Bringing my message into the world is my passion, supporting people on following their heart and soul is my purpose and I am grateful I have found my path and am walking it.

A few ‘facts’:

Thoroughbred Spiritual Entrepreneur

Trained Advertising & Marketing Administrator

Reiki Teacher

Spirit Coach

Shamanic Practitioner

Instructor for Autogenic Training

Health Practitioner

Instructor for Energetic Straightening

Practitioner for Bach Flowers

NLP Practitioner

Self-appointed Pathfinder & Pioneer

Proud mother of two beautiful children

Wife & Soul Mate

Encourager, Motivator, Attentive Listener

Author and Speaker

Final words: My life is filled with authentic people and experiences, my work deeply satisfies me and I am very grateful I decided to choose this path in life.

Barbara Patterson