Audrey Lynette

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Audrey Lynette
Audrey Lynette
Talk Radio Show Host, Motivational Speaker, Weight Loss, Life Coach Facilitator

Audrey Lynette, Facilitator of Access Consciousness and Right Body For You is an empowering speaker who invites people to look at their lives and bodies in a totally different way.

Her lighthearted and easy approach to the tools of Access and bodies is facilitating many people around the world, including people with eating disorders, chronic pain, physical illnesses, pregnancy and childbirth. Prior to being introduced to Access, she lived in and out of a wheelchair for 7 years and weighed over 475 lb pounds. Audrey has lost over 200 pounds without dieting, pills or surgery and she is now able to enjoy walking, running, dancing, jumping, and swimming without any assistance. She shares her story with great openness and humor. You will feel lighter just listening to her.

Originally from Sydney, Australia, Audrey currently lives with her husband in Carpinteria, California and can be found travelling the world facilitating Access Consciousness classes, Right Body for You telecalls, classes and private sessions via phone and in person for people everywhere.

Audrey Lynette