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Aladyah Hanon Yahudah Bey
Aladyah Hanon Yahudah Bey
Humanitarian, Animal Advocate, Truth Seeker, Radio Host

Aladyah Hanon was born into a rural Midwest (Kansas) farm Family. She is a Dole by birthright related to Former Senator Bob Dole. She is a Humanitarian, Animal Advocate, and Truth Seeker/Radio Host. Aladyah has been working with the animals for 40+ years doing rescue and teaching people about the importance of respect of the animal kingdom. Her passion in life, after 35 years research into this planetary matrix, is exposing the evil corrupt machinations of the controlling factions on this planet. Her goal, along with Caliph and Dr. HaPi is to raise awareness and our vibration through temple building the inner spirit and pineal activation to activate your Merkabah.

Aladya also does her own show on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8:00 pm Central Time called Dinar Truth Matrix where she is known as (Midwest)

Her website is Mission statement is "tearing down the walls of the Banking and Religious Matrix one Brick at a time." The call in # to her show is 605-562-3140 - participant code is 368582#

The Royal Priesthood Nation

The Royal Priesthood Nation with Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey
Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey

Our Mission - prepare humanity for ascension through Merkabah activation!

With Caliph Zaphnathpaaneah EL, Dr. Asar Hapi and Aladyah Hanon Yahuday Bey, you will learn VIBRATION, what we Think IS What we are, THE RE-AWAKENING OF KEMET, The Kemetic Way of Life spoken by a Dogon Priest, WHO OR WHAT IS GOD, Mer-Ka-Ba Is This Proof That The Soul Exists, The 12 Houses of the Karmic Wheel, The 12 Universal Laws, Laws of Karma, Merkaba Meditation, SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS, Code of the Blue Nile, The Male Oraphim and much more...


1. Unity Consciousness

2. Pineal/Single Eye Activation

3. How to see your MERKABAH

4. Cosmic Law

5. The Tree of Life/Immortality

6. Principles of Manifestation/Explosions That Create Reality

7. Names That Carry Cosmic Resonance/Naming Ceremony

8. The Partnership: Creator, Creation, and Creature

9. The Language of Creation