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I'm doing a presentation in Yelm, Washington this weekend so won't be live on Saturday's As You Wish Talk Radio but I encourage you to tune in.

By popular demand we're replaying the fascinating interview I did last month with Sunnaira and Laurie about the Munay-Ki initiations they'll be doing at ECETI in June.  This is going to be one very powerful event and I encourage you to listen to the interview and trust your own Divine Guidance as to whether you are called to join us for this workshop.

From their website: "In this time of change and transition the vibration of LOVE is one of the most powerful frequencies we can hold. Munay-Ki comes from a Quechua word meaning "I love you".  To take on the responsibility of Munay-Ki is to be prepared to walk the path of fire, to stand in the lightening of Creation. The nine rites of initation are to become a person of wisdom and power, to be able to dream the world the way we want it.  These traditions originated with the Laika - the Earthkeepers of old who were medicine men and women from 30,000 years ago."

Laurie and Sunnaira will be offering the first four rites of the Munay-Ki initiation at their powerful gathering at ECETI June 6-8, 2014. These four rites are 1) The Healers Rite 2) The Bands of Power 3) Harmony Rite 4) The Seers Rite.

Be Well,