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Critical Race Theory, Part 3 - this will be a two-hour show!

1st hour - Critical Race and Critical Whiteness Theory - An Analysis defining racialized practices. 

2nd hour  - The power of the 'Rightness of Whiteness' and the 'Wrongness of Blackness' (i.e., Brown-ness and all Other-ness').

Dr. Miller continues to expand his view on  'Critical Race Theory' taken from his earlier work in a Dissertation pre-dating the work of Derrick Bell, considered the Godfather of Critical Race Theory. His Dissertation would have been justly understood today as CRT and it served as a pivotal stand in Dr. Miller's further theory development.

He will also explore how America went from indentured servitude - to slavery freedom - to the fight for ending school desegregation - to CRITICAL RACE THEORY and beyond . . . leading to a better awareness of why the reappearance in our world today!