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Critical Race Theory: Part 5 - WINTER IS COMING
Winter is Coming
Broadcast Date

OUR LAST SHOW IN THIS SERIES!  Sun., Oct. 24 at 12 noon PST/ 2pm Central/ 3pm EST on THE WAR REPORT ON PUBLIC EDUCATION with Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. - Critical Race Theory: Part 5 - WINTER IS COMING (from Game of Thrones and Hunger Games)  - this will be a two-hour show!

1st hour - We'll continue to focus on CRT and CWT and the power roles they play on our awareness, understanding, emotional engagement and individual/collective social action within our theme of  'WINTER IS COMING' as it applies to whiteness, white privilege, white power and white supremacy.

2nd hour  - Next, we will explore Generation Z (roughly born between 1997-2012,  following Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha). Gen Z is a generation of activists who champion change and is the most ethnically diverse group who have the power to shape/reshape the past, present and future of our society for better or worse. How Gen  Z and Gen Alpha are using this power will soon be seen and each Generation will shift the paradigm of how we live on the planet, i.e. - enacting a new mandate for Racial Equity, Politics, Climate Change, Education, Gender ID, Race, Work Ethics, Capitalism and Whiteness.