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"Profiles in Courage in the War Against Public Education - Spotlight on Gus Morales and Terry Preuss"

Please join host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. this Sunday for the first show in our "Profiles in Courage in the War Against Public Education". Every war has its heroes - those brave and courageous individuals and groups who put the good of the many over their own well-being. This series will be spotlighting some of these fearless and selfless heroes.

This week will be featuring two union leaders - Gus Morales from Holyoke MA and Terry Preuss from Broward County FL, as well as hearing again from Jesse Turner.

Gus Morales is now facing a non-renewal of his contract (for the second year in a row) because of his strong leadership as union president and his strong stance against testing and for authentic education.

Terry Preuss has bravely led a group of FL union leaders who have slowly been unseating incumbents! They won 6 seats the first election and 7 this last election. Of those, they now have 12 who are philosophically aligned! They are the Broward badass caucus of BTU and are TAKING their union back from the power elites who have forgotten their job is to serve members!

Here is some information about Gus -

Watch Gus in action as he testifies at the Philadelphia City Council Standardized Test hearings on November 19, 2014

We will also be getting our weekly update from Jesse - the Walking Man - Turner about his walk from CT to DC.
Here is Jesse's blog where he is writing about his encounters during his walk -