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RESISTANCE MATTERS: Neoliberal Machiavellian Agenda Push Back in Detroit and Michigan

Please join Internet radio host Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. for a special two hour War Report on the neoliberal Machiavellian Agenda push back in Detroit and Flint, Michigan.

What a week it has been in Michigan and this show will give everyone up-to-the minute information!

This week saw a massive teacher sick-out in Detroit as teachers fight to preserve and protect their schools, their students, and their communities.

This week saw the return of AFT to Detroit to try to control the teachers and stop the sick outs.

This week saw the state of Michigan seeking new anti sick-out laws in order to stop the resistance and force the teachers to work.

This week saw the good people of Flint suing the state over the drinking water that is poisoning them.

This is cruel and oppressive treatment of United States citizens. As we have stated before, Detroit is ground zero and what is happening in Detroit is just a stone's throw away from everyone's doorstep. WAKE UP and REFUSE, RESIST, and REVOLT.

So, please join the resistance and listen and call in to this week's show. RESISTANCE MATTERS - RESISTANCE IS NOT FUTILE - RESISTANCE IS THE HIGHEST FORM OF DEMOCRACY!