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Next on Universal Soul Love: Dr Lana and Det David Love Explore Life Beyond Life

We are fortunate to have psychic mediums Aida and Elsie Jordan as our special guests for the show.

Aida and Elsie were raised Catholic, however the Spirits world was never unknown for them since their grandparents on the father side of the family were founders of a Spiritualist church in Puerto Rico, where they were born.

Since a very young age both had spiritual experiences that opened a breach on their thirsty minds searching for answers. Through the years they have taken courses on Mediumship, Channeling Your Energy and The Power of Healing. Their most recent education includes the Arthur Findley College in England, and in the next few months, the Kingswells House in Scotland.

During the last fourteen years, they have been active members of a Spiritualist Church in Florida, serving as lecturers, mediums and healers.

In addition to be active workers for Spiritualism, both are wives, mothers, daughters, sisters, friends and professionals; Elsie in Customer Service and Aida in the Human Resources arena… Serving spirit in Love and Light.