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Surviving Shifting Paradigms and Global Evolution

The structures of society and the way we all live are changing.  Everyone can agree that what once was is no more and the future is still not written!  Humanity has the unique opportunity to avoid the repetition of cycles that always bear the same results if we are open to growing through the mistakes of the past.  

Sri, Kira and special guest, Carl Calleman will explore the best, and some of the most misunderstood meanings of the ancient Maya and the modern shaman! Together they will share revelations and predictions that come to a meeting point affecting our collective future progress as a society in general.

Sri and Kira were 100% accurate about the Mayan Calendar and its true meaning as emissaries of the High Oracle of the Maya.  Together with research and discussion with Carl Calleman this is sure to be an intriguing hour!

How do these energies affect what we are doing now and how can we harness the best of our history as we navigate and chart our collective future? 

This is an important show!  The lines are open and your calls matter!  Join us and treat yourself to a fresh opening about these times while manifesting  your magical life.