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Is there a Spiritual side to Politics and if so, then what?

The political climate worldwide is in the midst of vast change and shift as more people awaken at a rapid pace.  This global awakening is the basis of a deeply concerning power struggle that is heating up the energies of polarity and spouting polarizing opinion as facts.  This is a recipe that can easily turn sour and is there a solution before it is too late?

Sri and Kira welcome their very special guest DaVid Raphael, MD who has done more than talk about this energy, he actually ran for President of the USA!  What happens when you put yourself into a public arena that is hostile and is there truly a window to impact the powers that be?  The ones who are seeking to control your life, your food supply and the very air you breathe?

Is there a chance to infuse illumination into the governing of a society and what can you do that will assist this shift?  An thought provoking program that tackles some very big questions and offers some new answers! The phone lines are open!  Call in to connect, ask a question or receive a mini soul reading.