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IGNITE THE FLOW of your Mystical Presence and LIVE Fearlessly!

You may have spoken about it, NOW is the moment to turn the key and start your ignition!  Prepare to move into the energy and get ready to unfold your destiny!  Harnessing your Mystical presence and releasing the fear of illusion, moves you into energetic POSITIVE flow to MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS! Imagine feeling totally alive, alert and ‘present’ always!

You are the master of your ignition and the only one who can decide to MOVE and ignite your divine flow! Your life is a gift and it is time to be in charge of your joy! Make today the day you purposefully and permanently ignite your flow and direct it to love, live, explore and create.

Have some fun and hang out in the Ascended LIGHT with Sri & Kira as they joy-fully recognize your TRUE potential through an inspiring and uplifting show! Why not move along your path to FREEDOM as you fine-tune your soul for SELF-ASCENSION? You have the choice - regardless of perceived circumstances, moods, beliefs, or life situations!

Call in for a Mini Soul-Reading from Kira Raa and get your life going in the right direction! The lines fill up fast, so keep trying!