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Everything Can be Healed!

Yes!  Everything.  There is the premise of many that sickness, disease and painful aging are eventual, yet are they?  Join Sri and Kira along with some amazing in-studio special guests from around the world as they discuss the myth of sickness and the powerful teaching of dis-ease and aging.  "If it is in front of you it is asking to be healed!"…Sri Ram Kaa

Is reverse aging and letting go of sickness and dis-ease Controversial?  Maybe.  However once you open yourself to the expanded reality that is yours to claim there is the dynamism of healing that comes forward for you to embrace.  This is your chance to call in live during the show and ask for a mini soul reading, share a comment or ask a question!  Imagine your life as a gift that is a free flowing magnet of divine wisdom and energy.  Imagine yourself as the fountain of youth supported by a benevolent universe.  Tune in and join the discussion as you connect with this gift!

LIVE call-in for questions and mini soul-readings!